308 Redirection

The resource has been definitively transferred to the URL provided by the Location headers, according to the HTTP 308 Permanent Redirect redirect status response code.

What is 308 URL Redirection?

According to the specific Location header that is returned in the response, a 308 Permanent Redirect message is an HTTP response status code indicating that the requested resource has been permanently redirected to another URI. According to the RFC7538 specification paper for the 308 status code, the 308 Permanent Redirect code was only recently added to the HTTP standard in April 2015. The RFC specification states that the 308 Permanent Redirect code was required to close the gap left by the equivalent 301, 302, and 307 codes.


Ans. Any future references to the target resource should use one of the enclosed URIs, according to the 308 (Permanent Redirect) status code, which signifies that the resource has been given a new permanent URI.

Ans. 301 (Moved Permanently): Please forward this and all subsequent requests to the specified URI. Requests ending in 308 (Permanent Redirect) should be resubmitted in the future with a different URI.

Ans. The resource the user attempted to access has relocated to a different URI, as indicated by the status code 308 Permanent Redirect. Fixing the 308 Permanent Redirect status code is best accomplished by:

  • Confirming the settings on your server.
  • Test the code of your application.
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