Advantages and disadvantages of computer

Today the computer has become a part of our life, companion even brother, who walks shoulder to shoulder with you, follows your instructions, you can do anything from your computer, nowadays to do all the tasks. Different computerized machines have been made for this, through which we can do our work easily.
Where you are reading and watching this advantages and disadvantages of computer articles at the moment, it is your computer that you can go to any website to see, and read the things you need, if you are on a smartphone, which is a matter of laughing more. No, your smartphone is also a hand-held computer, now you can guess for yourself if there was no computer, then how many tasks could not be done by us or it would have taken more time.

Advantages and disadvantages of computer
advantage and disadvantages of computer

Advantages of computer

We discuss some of the main advantages of computers here :

Fastly work

With the help of a computer, you can complete your work in no time.
Suppose you are writing someone’s detail on the page of a copy, then you will write slowly and if you do this work on a computer then you will be able to do this work in 1 minute also.

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Simply work

By computer, you can do your work very easily, nowadays many features have been given in the computer, through which you need to make one seat only once, you can save the data of many people from the same seat itself. can print.
Such as – making report cards for students by MSOffice, making wedding party cards,
Not long ago, such a feature was added to MS Excel or MS OFFICE, by which you can send a spreadsheet to your college students and easily fill their data in it, or similarly, you can also fill the data of your company’s employees. Can sit in one place. This also greatly simplified the work, earlier you used to send the data of your students or employees to one person on the page, then someone used to write it again on the computer and save it, now all this work should be done in one go. and it also saves time.


Using a computer saves us a lot of time.
Through the computer, we can explain a project or presentation in our company very easily and in less time, as well as the data of customers or employees of a bank or any company, can be searched in a few seconds by computer.

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To store data – Data Storage

The computer also can store data, you can easily save any data on your computer and you can also get that data in no time when needed.
Earlier, we used to keep our copy or register safe by writing the data or details of someone, which also took more time to find and which often got lost after a long time and also got burnt by fire.
Now you must have thought that in the fire, the computer will also burn and if the computer is burnt then the data will also be destroyed.
So my brother thought exactly like myself, but nowadays the company or any person stores all their data on a server or in simple language, stores it in the cloud.
There are many cloud computing platforms, here are the names of some of them:

  • Amazon web services
  • Google cloud computing
  • Microsoft one drive

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Type equation here. Nowadays the main use of computer is only for entertainment, we can play video games through our computer, watch videos for entertainment, listen to audios, view and read photos, and also video calling with our friends can do

File Transfer

We can transfer any file, photo, or video from one place to another in no time by a computer.
Like we can easily send any of our forms or pdf to anyone through email.


Nowadays we mainly use our computers, and smartphones for communication,
We can call our friends, relatives even anyone, whether it is in the neighborhood or the country, abroad, through our computer or smartphone.


There is no error in any work done or calculation done by the computer,
Results by computer are mostly accurate and correct, no matter how big or difficult your given question may be.


The computer provides us a log-in system to keep our files and data safe from other people and password is also data.
We can keep our computer and computer data safe from other people with the help of login and password.

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Robotization is the use of technology to negotiate a task with as little mortal commerce as possible. In computing, robotization is generally fulfilled by a program, a script, or batch processing. For illustration, a website driver may write a script to parse the logs of the website business and induce a report.


Multitasking, in an operating system, is allowing people to perform further than one computer task( similar to the operation of an operation program) at a time. The operating system is suitable to keep track of where you’re in these tasks and going from one to the other without losing information.

Disadvantages of computer

We also have to face some disadvantages or problems due to excessive use of computers, I have told you some disadvantages of computers here.

Negative effects on health

Using the computer too much has a bad effect on our health, sitting or standing in one place for a long time also causes pain in our body, and running the computer too close to the eyes also makes a difference and We start feeling the need of glasses or else we have to wear glasses.
Sitting in one place reduces the blood circulation of our body, and we become patients with blood pressure.

Waste of time

Nowadays some people are also misusing the computer and wasting their time.

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Distance from relatives

Nowadays most other people are busy with their smartphones, and computers and do not even go to meet their relatives and even if they reach, they will sit in a corner on their own and do not even tell to speak to whomever they have come here.

Data Loss

We store our data on the computer and store our company data on the server, but despite our high security, our data.

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Conclusion :

So here we have seen various advantages and disadvantages of computer. I hope you will find this article helpful.
If you still have any doubts regarding the advantages and disadvantages of computer, then you can ask us through comment, or add your questions and answers in a comment below! I will try my best to clear your doubt.
Thank you very much for giving your valuable time to our article, if you have any suggestions for us then definitely tell us through comment or contact form.

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