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The visible, clickable text in an HTML hyperlink is known as the anchor text, link label, or link text. What is now known as the element, or <a>, was referred to as an “anchor” in earlier iterations of the HTML specification.

What is Anchor Text?

The visible characters and words that hyperlinks use to point to another online page or document are known as “anchor text.” You can alter the link colors and styles on your website using HTML or CSS, although it often displays as blue underlined text.

Search engines and users alike can benefit from contextually relevant information about the link’s destination provided in the anchor text.

What is Anchor Text? - Satik Information

The anchor text for the link in the link code sample above is “Satik Information”

In order to determine what your pages may be about, search engines analyze external anchor text, which is the content that other pages use to link to your site. The anchor text you put on your own website should be relevant, informative, and descriptive even though website owners often have no influence over how other websites connect to theirs. (Referral: Google)

Even if the terms don’t appear in the text itself, a page can score well if enough websites believe it is relevant for a particular set of phrases.

Types of Anchor Text

Below we have told about some types of anchor text:

  • Exact Match: If the anchor text contains a keyword that closely resembles the page being linked to, it is an “exact match.” For instance, “What is SEO” can go to a page about What is SEO.
  • Partial Match: Using a keyword variation from the linked-to page as the anchor text. ‘Manage Hyperlinks,’ for instance, connecting to a page about Hyperlink.
  • Branded: The usage of a brand name as anchor text, ‘Satik Information,’ for instance, might link to a post on the Satik Information Blog.
  • Naked Link: An anchor that uses a URL. For instance, the link anchor “” is not hidden.
  • Generic: A general term or expression that serves as the anchor A typical generic anchor is “Click here.”
  • Images: Google will always utilize the text from the alt attribute of an image as the link’s anchor text.

Ans. The link label or link title are other names for the anchor text. The terms used in the anchor text influence how high search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing will rank the page. The term “naked URLs” or “URL anchor texts” refers to links on the internet that lack anchor text.

Ans. These links with clickable anchor text encourage readers to learn more about the topic and satisfy everyone. Better anchor text links are added to websites, which raises visitor interest and expectations, boosts page authority, and, in the end, distributes reputation via social media.

Ans. Hyperlinks that exist on one domain can point to (target) any other domain (source). The visible characters and words that appear when linking to another online page or document are known as “Anchor Text.”

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