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Blog Commenting is used to build connections or backlinks back to your site so that new customers and users can connect to your business and website while establishing a trusting bond with individuals in your area or category. Blog commenting plays an important role for SEO. It is about sharing any kind of thoughts or perspectives about how individuals feel or think about a subject.

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What is Blog commenting?

Blog comments are a simple way to build positive relationships for people and professionals interested in a field or a specific category. It helps to drive traffic and new users to a blog as well as to the website hosting the blog.

Blog comments are simply comments or content that appears at the bottom of a blog posting. These comments can be questions about the blog, compliments about the blog, or answers to questions asked by readers by the blog author.

Importance of Blog Commenting for SEO

  • Blog commenting is a fantastic technique to promote blogs widely.
  • Building relationships between commenters and readers is facilitated by the conversational nature of blog comments.
  • Websites for blog comments saw a rise in traffic.
    Additionally, search engine optimization benefits from it.
  • It is a link-building strategy that is quite affordable.

Benefits of Blog Commenting

Regardless of what you’ve heard or seen, leaving a comment on a blog is a great strategy for a website or business! Online marketing is currently considered ineffective, but this is untrue. Opponents of this tactic think it might sound a bit cumbersome, so they stay away from it. But as long as you use blog commenting properly, it is by no means spam. In other words, we support using legitimate, white-hat techniques to build links by leaving comments on other people’s blogs. While it is recommended that blog links be “no follow”, commenting is still a wonderful strategy to systematically boost the link-building process. Additionally, leaving comments improves your social media presence, builds your trust, and can even benefit your SEO strategy. that gives lifelong benefits to your website or business.

Here are some tips on how to blog commenting ethically so that it can help with your inbound marketing:

  • Comments Boost your traffic: Blog comments can result in direct traffic to your blog. If you choose high profile blogs in your area and leave thoughtful and informative comments people will click on your site if what you say gives them any kind of knowledge or if they get pleasure from your talk.
  • Helps in building backlinks: The SEO strategy of blog commenting proves to be the most effective for creating backlinks for your main website. When blog readers or visitors comment on other people’s blogs, a relational link or backlink to the blog owner or another website may be omitted. Because of this, blog publishers sometimes visit commentators’ pages and drive traffic to your website. As a result, the act of leaving comments on the blog indirectly increases traffic to the commentator’s website.
  • Increase your social shares: Your true audience is made up of blog readers and visitors, and once they are on your page, you can expand the audience for your website using social sharing. Quality comments coupled with the right keywords and content let readers feel a connectedness, which encourages them to share the blog with their friends, colleagues, and other like-minded people.
  • Create relationships: Industry professionals and social media fans can express their opinion by commenting on the blog and also ask questions to the blog writers. As a result, a strong connection can be formed between the blog authors and the readers/viewers. Even though this relationship-building process requires a lot of effort, it ultimately yields fruitful returns and increases your repeat customer rate.
  • increase your internal linking opportunities: When answering questions, you can include an internal link in your comments if needed. These internal links may point to related blogs or websites in the same domain. Internal linking can be a great way to broaden the audience and traffic to your website and increase its functionality. By doing internal linking, readers and viewers trust your website and author.

How to get search engine optimised comments for your blogs

The key to effective blog commenting for SEO is to provide insightful content in the comment sections of blog posts. Commenter’s name, email address and website are frequently requested in this comment section. Therefore, whenever the reader of the comment clicks on the web link, they are taken to the appropriate page. This is sometimes called the most basic type of web linking. Such SEO-friendly comments raise a website’s profile, but have little effect on how high a page ranks on the search engine results page.

Let us understand in some detail about blog commenting in SEO here in the list below:

  • Make sure the content is comprehensive and relevant to the blog post. Comments just two word long, like “Good job” or “I love it,” won’t add much to the blog. Comments between 100 and 200 words are more interesting and are welcomed and approved by blog owners.
  • Be the first to comment if you can because they get more traffic than the latter.
  • Comment on blog entries relevant to your industry or sector.
  • If you have any question then do ask.
  • If you have an answer to the questions asked, reply to your comments to continue the conversation in your answer.
  • Use long-tail keywords while commenting on the blog.

How do I blog comments on other websites?

Here we have shared some SEO friendly tips with you, using which you can use blog commenting sites to increase SEO.

  • Choose blog posts related to your niche
  • Reveal your real details
  • Study the blog posts before posting comments
  • Post appropriate comment
  • Keep following up the blogs


Blog commenting is an easy way to increase website traffic and get useful backlinks. An effective way to rank high on the SERPs is to use this off-page SEO strategy. The act of building relationships through blog comments is beneficial for disseminating opinions and comments on a particular topic to a larger audience.

To practice all areas of SEO, here is complete Guide of Search Engine Optimization with FAQ.


Ans. Yes, they do, indeed. Blog comments will rank better if done properly.

Ans. By An effective commenting system encourages readers to leave comments on the blog and enhances user interaction. Second, bloggers should query their audience. This encourages users and readers to respond to your inquiries and advance the conversation.

Ans. Generally, yes. It tells your readers that you value their feedback, and that you upload a Continue Blog daily or your online presence could be even better.

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