Simple Definition of Computer

What exactly is the definition of computer? If you are like utmost people, you presumably have a rough idea of what it can do but you presumably don’t know what it can’t do, too. After all, computers are getting more and more sophisticated with each fleeting time so we would not be surprised if the answer to this question is not that clear presently! Then are ten effects that computers can not do — at least not yet — and why they are not doable any time soon.

definition of computer
definition of computer

Definition of computer

There are many definitions of computer are available, and all experts have defined computers according to their own. I have given you the most discussed definition here which is widely used in Software Engineering.

“The computer receives the data inputted by the user and processes it and provides the result in the output form.”


The data and instructions given by using the input devices like keyboard, mouse, mic, etc. of the computer are known as input. By using input, the user can get many tasks done by the computer.


The data received from the input device is transmitted to the Central Processing Unit (CPU) for processing. The job of the CPU is to process the received instructions and perform calculations. The CPU not only communicates with the input device, Rather, it also communicates with the output device and storage to perform many functions.
It has three parts:

a) Arithmetic Logic Unit –

It is also known as ALU. It performs mathematical and logic-related activities.

b) Control Unit –

CU stands for the control unit. It controls all the functions of the computer and connects and coordinates the input, output, processor, etc.

c) Memory Unit –

It is also known as MU, here the processes done by the computer are kept safe.


After processing the data or after the instruction is completed, the output device such as a printer, monitor, etc. is given to the user. Provides the output as a result.


Storage is a device used to store the instructions given by the user to the computer and the result returned by the computer. Here we find some most used and popular storage devices at the moment Hard Disk Drive (HDD), Solid State Drive (SDD), and USB Flash Drive (USB).

Conclusion :

Indeed if you’re just entering the pool, it’s good to know about computers. Whether you want to be a developer, programmer, or commodity differently entirely, it pays to have an understanding of these bias and their capabilities. What are some other effects people should know about computers?
If you still have any doubts regarding the computer, then you can ask us through comment, or add your questions and answers in a comment below! I will try my best to clear your doubt.
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