Dot Matrix Printer

An impact printer with a fixed number of pins or wires is known as a dot matrix printer. Typically, one or more vertical columns of pins or wires are used to organize the components. Each pin leaves a little dot on the paper when it strikes an ink-coated ribbon and forces the ribbon’s contact with the paper.

What is Dot Matrix Printer?

What is Dot Matrix Printer? - Satik Information
Dot Matrix Printer

The pin printer, which was introduced by IBM in 1957, is another name for dot matrix printers. Nevertheless, Centronics produced the first dot-matrix impact printer in 1970. To create graphics and text, print heads that strike an ink ribbon with thousands of tiny dots are used. It is less popular today compared to laser and inkjet printers since it prints slowly and produces images of inferior quality. Dot matrix printers are still utilized, nonetheless, in several industries, including auto parts retailers and package delivery services.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dot Matrix Printer

Advantages of Dot Matrix printers:

  • A dot matrix printer is more affordable than the majority of printers and is widely accessible in the market.
  • Unlike non-impact printers, it may print carbon copies of a specific printout.
  • Compared to other printers, it has the lowest printing costs.
  • Furthermore, compared to other printers, its maintenance costs are lower.

Disadvantages of Dot Matrix printers:

  • When compared to non-impact printers, the dot matrix printer is slower and produces less-detailed output.
  • When the pins strike the paper’s ribbon, a loud noise is made.
  • It may take a lot of time to print because each sheet of paper needs to be hand-wrapped up and positioned.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. Centronics created the first dot matrix impact printer in 1970. Gary Starkweather modified a Xerox model 7000 copier while he was employed by the company to create the first laser printer. In 1971, the laser printer’s development was finished.

Ans. Dot matrix printers are output devices.

Ans. A printer that creates images out of dots using hammers and a ribbon. These printers, which are used to print multipart forms and address labels, handle thicker media better than laser and inkjet printers due to their tractor and sprocket system. The term “serial dot matrix printer” is sometimes used.

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