Most popular full form of computer

Since there are no standard full forms of computer, You must have heard, seen, and read the question, what is the full form of computer in the competition exam and interview? now you have nothing to worry about, you have come to the right place.

Full form of the Computer
Full form of the Computer

Full Form of Computer

Since you must have come to know that there is no standard full form of computer, so I have brought such a full form for you, which is very popular among computer science and engineering students and they are read in their syllabus.

  • C – Commonly
  • O – Operated
  • M – Machine
  • P – Particularly
  • U – Used for
  • T – Technology
  • E – Education
  • R – Research

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The most popular full forms of Computer

The most popular full forms of computer are in such a way that
A computer is a machine that is generally used for technical and educational research“.

a to z full forms of Computer

Many experts have defined computers according to their own, so according to the definition, people have also created many full forms of computers which are as follows :

  • Common operating machines particularly used for trade, education, and research
  • Common operating made possible under technical engineering research
  • Common operating machines particularly used for technical, education, and research
  • Common oriented machines are particularly used for trade education and research
  • Complicated office machines put under tremendous effort to reduce manpower

Conclusion :

Today in this article you read and learned What is the full forms of a computer?
Now you have come to know the full forms of computer and you also get this question in the competitive exams.
If you still have any doubt regarding the computer’s full form, then you can ask us through comment, I will try my best to clear your doubt.
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