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Image optimization is a skill you should learn if you manage an online store. Since your product photography is the foundation of your online business, picture optimization is crucial to creating a successful eCommerce website, from enticing customers who browse Google images to shortening site load times.

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What is Image Optimization?

Image optimization is the process of minimizing the file size of your photographs without compromising quality in order to maintain a fast website load time. Also involved is image SEO. Getting your decorative and product images to show up in image searches on Google and other image search engines.

Why is image optimization important in SEO?

  • Page speed: Large, inefficient graphics may bog down and slow down your website like nothing else. Your website’s visitors won’t hang around until it loads, and optimizing your images will help to a great extent.
  • User experience: Your website’s slow loading time doesn’t exactly give your visitors the best experience. Users anticipate a speedy load time from your website. By making your photos more user-friendly and responsive, you can guarantee a better user experience.
  • SEO: Image optimization will help to make sure that your images appear in Google image searches and will be good for the website’s general SEO (search engine optimization). Additionally, Google’s search algorithm heavily favors page speed, and image optimization will assist you to avoid the organic search penalties associated with having a slow website.

SEO Mistakes in image optimization

You need to be conscious if you are. These are serious errors that might have an impact on your ability to rank higher in search engines.

Find out if they apply to your SEO by reading on, and discover how to avoid them.

Benefits of image optimization

Among the advantages of image optimization are:

  • Reduce Bounce Rate: Users are more inclined to stay on a page that loads quickly, which lowers bounce rates.
  • Increased client engagement: A modern website’s user experience is heavily reliant on visuals. Even if the rest of the material loads quickly, a website’s users are less likely to interact with the photos and ultimately convert if they take too long to load.
  • Cost Saving: Savings on hosting and content delivery costs are made possible by websites using fewer bandwidth thanks to optimized pictures.
  • Improve Search Ranking: improved search results since Google and other search engines utilize page performance and load time as ranking factors. Image optimization can directly result in improved results and increased visitors.

How to Optimize Your image for SEO?

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