Inkjet Printer

A computer accessory known as an inkjet printer prints physical copies by sprinkling ink onto paper. The resolution of a common inkjet printer’s copy is at least 300 dots per inch ( dpi ). Some inkjet printers can print hard copies in full colour at 600 dpi or higher.

What is Inkjet Printer?

What is an Inkjet Printer - Satik Information
inkjet Printer

Users of home and office computers both utilize this method to print characters on paper by sprinkling ink using magnetic plates. It includes a paper feed assembly, a print head, an ink cartridge, a stabilizer bar, and a belt. The ink is kept in cartridges, and different cartridges are used to print different kinds of coloured papers. These hues are a mixture of the colours cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. With the aid of vibrant colours, these printers can produce images of excellent quality. In addition, compared to other printers, inkjet printers are more accessible and less expensive.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Inkjet Printer

Advantages of inkjet printers:

  • Less cost
  • High quality of output, able to print fine and smooth details
  • Capable of printing in vivid colors, good for printing pictures
  • easy to use
  • reasonably fast
  • Quieter than dot matrix printers
  • no warm up time

Disadvantages of inkjet printers:

  • Print head is less durable, prone to clogging and damage
  • expensive replacement ink cartridges
  • Not good for high volume printing
  • Printing speed is not as fast as laser printer
  • Bleeding ink, causing a blurring effect on some papers due to ink being carried sideways
  • Aqueous ink is sensitive to water, even a tiny drop of water can be smudged
  • Can’t use highlighter markers on inkjet printouts

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. In 1988, Hewlett-Packard unveiled the HP DeskJet, widely regarded as the first inkjet printer to be sold in commercial quantities. One of the most well-known inkjet printer series in the world is the HP DeskJet line.

Ans. On the top or bottom side of the plastic holder containing the cartridge, a sticker indicates what type of ink cartridge your printer is using. The stickers also have red, yellow and blue circles representing the colors magenta, yellow and cyan. If you see stickers like these, you have an inkjet printer.

Ans. The most popular option for home printing requirements is an inkjet printer. Unlike laser printers, which require toner and are primarily intended for high-volume printing in offices, these printers operate by launching droplets of ink onto paper.

Ans. Hewlett-Packard created the first inkjet printer in 1976.


  • Low cost.
  • Easy to use.
  • Reasonably fast.
  • High quality of output, and is capable of printing fine and smooth details.
  • No warm up time.
  • Quieter than dot matrix printer.
  • They do not have a large buffer, so printing is done at a bit at a time.
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