Most Usable Computer Related Full Forms

In this blog, we discuss Most Usable Computer Related Full Forms and provide 600+ top computer-related full forms

First of all, we prefer to say that laptop is no longer an acronym, pc is simply a phrase that has its meaning. However, there are countless hypothetical full varieties of pc on the Internet and the most frequent full variety of laptops is, “Common Operating Machine Purposely Used for Technological and Educational Research” and this full variety is simply a delusion because it no longer makes acceptable sense.

Abbreviations Related to Computer

Candidates making ready for Competitive checks must be conscious of some laptop terms. These phrases can without delay ask in the online examination.

No. Abbreviation Full Form
1A/DAnalog to Digital
2AIArtificial intelligence
3ALGOLAlgorithm Language
4AMAmplitude Modulation
5AMDAdvanced Micro Device
6ANSIAmerican National Standards Institute
7ASICApplication Specific Integration Circuit
8ASCIIAmerican Standard Code For Information Intercharge
9ATMAutomatic Teller Machine /Asynchronous Transfer Mode
10ALUArithmatic Logic Unit
11AACAdvanced Audio Coding
12AM/FMAmplitude/Frequency Modulation
13ACPIAdvanced Configuration and Power Interface
14AGPAccelerated Graphics Port
15APMAdvanced Power Management
16APIPAAutomatic Private Internet Protocol Addressing
17ABRAvailable Bit Rate
18ADActive Directory
19ADCAnalog to Digital Converter
20ABIApplication Binary Interface
21AVCAdvanced Video Coding
22ABCAtanasoff-Berry Computer
23ASFAdvanced Systems Format
24AMDAdvanced Micro Devices
25ATAAdvanced Technology Attachment
26ARPANETAdvanced Research Projects Agency Network
27ACLAccess Control List
28AIFFAudio Interchange File Format
29ASTAbstract Syntax Tree
30AMRAdaptive Multi-Rate
31AHAAccelerated Hub Architecture
32ALUArithmetic Logical Unit
33AVIAudio Video Interleave
34APMAdvanced Power Management
35APAlert Pay
37AVIAudio Video Interleave
38ASPActive Server Page
39APAccess Point
40AACAdvanced Audio Codec
41ASLAge Sex Location
42BLOBBinary large Object
43BASICBeginners All Purpose Symbolic In Section Code
44BCDBinary Coded Decimal
45BINACBinary Automatic Computer
46BEMABussiness Equipment Manufacturers Association
47BCRBar Code Reader
48BPIBytes Per Inch
49BPSBits Per Second
50BSNLBharat Sancgar Nigam Limited
51BCABechlor Of Computer Application
52BPIBytes Per Inch
54BGPBorder Gateway Protocol
55BCCBlind Carbon Copy
56BFDBinary File Descriptor
57BIOSBasic Input Output System
58BTXBalanced Technology Extended
59BALBasic Assembly Language
60BGABall Grid Array
61BWFBroadcast Wave Format
62BOSSBharat Operating System Solutions
64CCSCommon Command Set
65CUPSCommon Unix Printing System
66CAEComputer–Aided Engineering
67CUACommon User Access
68CD-ROMCompact Disk-Read Only Memory
69CTSClear to Send
70CD-RCompact Disk Recordable
71CAIComputer–Aided Instruction
72CIDRClassless Inter-Domain Routing
73CPUCentral Processing Unit
74CADComputer Aided Design
75CANCampus Area Network
76CALComputer Aided Leering
77CRSComputer Reservation System
78CSMACarrier Sense Multiple Access
79CSICommon System Interface
80CSVComma Separated Values
81CTCPClient–to–Client Protocol
82CBEMAComputer Business Equipment Manufacturers Association
83CCDCharged Coupled Device
84CANController Area Network
85CGAColor Graphics Array
86CAMComputer Added Manufacturing
87C -DACCentral for Development of Advanced Computing
88C -DOTCentral For Development of Telemetric
89CD -R/WCompact Disk Read / Write
90CLASSComputer Literacy and Studies in School
91CMOSComplimentry Metal Oxide Semiconductor
92COBOLCommon Bussiness Oriented Language
93CMYCyan Magenta Yellow
94COMALCommon Algorithm Language
95CPICharacter Per Inch
96CRSComputerized Reservation System
97CRTCathode Ray Tube
98CTSClear to Send
99CUCentral Unit
100CCCCourse on Computer Concepts
101COMPUTERCommonly Operated Machine Particularly Used for Technical and Educational Research
102CNRCommunication Network Riser
103CIFSCommon Internet File System
105CISCComplex Instruction Set Computer
106CRIMMContinuity-Rambus Inline Memory Module
107CRCCyclic Redundancy Check
108CDNContent Delivery Network
109DCEDistributed Computing Environment
110DOSDiak Operating System
111D/ADigital to Analog
112DBMSData Base Management System
113DDRDouble Data Rate
114DFSDistributed File System
115DACDiscretionary Access Control
116DKIMDomain Keys Identified Mail
117DDSDigital Data Storage
118DLTDistributed Ledger Technology
119DECDigital Equipment Corporation
120DMADirect Memory Access
121DVIDigital Visual Interface
122DTSDigital Theater System
123DOCDocument (Microsoft Corporation)
124DLPDigital Light Processing
125DPIDots Per Inch
226D2DDevice to Device
227DSHDDouble Sided High Density
228DOSDisk Operating System
229DVDDigital Video Disc
230DMIDesktop Management Interface
231DFDData Flow Diagram
232DVRDigital Video Recorder
233DLLDynamic Link Library
234DAPDirect Access Protocol
235DTEData Terminal Equipment
236DVEDigital Video Effects
237DRAMDynamic Random-Access Memory
238DBSNDatabase Source Name
239DPMSDisplay Power Management Signaling
240DBADataBase Administrator
241DIVXDIgital Video Express
241DLLData Link Layer
242DIMMDual In-Line Memory Module
243DTRData Terminal Ready
244DSHDDouble Sided High Density
245DTPDesktop Publishing
246DTSDigital Theater System
247DATDigital Audio Taps
248DHCPDynamic Host Configuration Protocol
249DWMDesktop Window Manager
250EEPROMElectrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory
252ENIElastic Network Interface
253ELFExecutable and Linkable Format
254ESDElectro Static Discharge
255ENIACElectronic Numerical Integrator and Computer
256EMPElectro-Magnetic Pulse
257EIDEEnhanced Integrated Drive Electronics
258EGPExterior Gateway Protocol
259ENIACElectronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator
260EVCEthernet Virtual Circuit
261ECPExtended Capabilities Port
262EOFEnd of File
263ERPEnterprise Resource Planning
264EFSEncrypting File System
265EPPEnhanced Parallel Port
266EVDOEvolution Data Optimized Or Evolution Data Only
267EIGRPEnhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol
268ERDEmergency Repair Disk
269EPROMErasable Programmable Read Only Memory
270EBCDICExtended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code
271EISAExtended Industry Standard Architecture
272E-COMMERCEElectronic Commerce
273E- WALLETElectronic Wallet
274E-MAILElectronic Mail
275EDCDICExended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code
276EDPElectronic Data Processing
277EFTElectronic Fund Transfer
278ERNETEducation and Research Network
280EDPElectronic Data Processing
281FDDIFiber Distributed Data Interface
282FDDFloppy Disk Drive
283FPUFloating Point Unit
284FXPFile Exchange Protocol
285FCPGAFlip Chip Pin Grid Array
286FATFile Allocation Table
286FATFile Allocation Table
286FDFloppy Disk
286FDMFrequency Decision Multiplexing
286FETEiffel Effect Transistory
286FIFOFirst-in, First-out
286FILOFirst-in, Last-out
286FMFrequency Modulation
286FortranFormula Translation
286FSKFrequency Shift Keying
286FTPFile Transfer Protocol
287FYAFor Your Action
288FHSFilesystem Hierarchy Standard
289FCSFrame Check Sequence
290GPGraphics port
291GBGiga Bytes
293GPLGeneral Public License
294GIGOGarbage In Garbage Out
295GMAILGraphical Mail
296GCRGroup Code Recording
297GDIGraphics Device Interface
298GPUGraphics Processing Unit
299GISGeographical Information system
300GBPSGigabits Per Second
197GIFGraphics Interchange Format
290GPSGlobal Positioning System
290GUIGraphical User Interface
290VGSMGlobal System for Mobile Communication
291HDDHard Disk Drive
292HALHardware Abstraction Layer
293HIGHuman Interface Guidelines
294HVDHolographic Versatile Disk
295HLLHigh Level Language
297HTMLHyper Text Markup Language
298HTTPHyper Text Transfer Protocol
299HTTPSHyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure
300HPFSHigh Performance File System
301HTPCHome Theatre Personal Computer
302HDHigh Definition
303NMSNetwork Management System
304HANHome Area Network
305HCIHuman Computer Interaction
306HSPAHigh Speed Packet Access
307HTMHierarchical Temporal Memory
308HSUPAHigh-Speed Uplink Packet Access
309HDMIHigh Definition Multimedia Interface
310HPCHigh-Performance Computing
311IPInternet Protocol
312IPCInter-Process Communication
313IPV6Internet Protocol Version 6
314IPXInternetwork Packet Exchange
315ICPInternet Cache Protocol
316IIOPInternet Inter-ORB Protocol
317ISPInternet Service Provider
318ISVIndependent Software Vendor
319ICSInternet Connection Sharing
320IHVIndependent Hardware Vendor
321ISRInterrupt Service Routine
322ISAInstruction Set Architecture
323IPV4Internet Protocol Version 4
324IPPInternet Printing Protocol
325IVRInteractive Voice Response
326ISCSIInternet Small Computer Storage Interface
327ISAIndustry Standard Architecture
328IISInternet Information Services
329ISCInternet Storm Center
330IPXInternetwork Packet Exchange
331IRCInternet Relay Chat
332IOSiPhone Operating System
333ISDNIntegrated Services Digital Network
334ISOInformational Standards Organisation
335ISHInformation Super Highway
336ITInformation Technology
337IRQInterrupt Request
338IGRPInterior Gateway Routing Protocol
339IMAPInternet Message Access Protocol
340IBMInternational Business Machine
341ICIntegrated Circuit
343IOSInternetwork Operating System
344JARJava Archive
345JDKJava Development Kit
346JPEGJoint Photographic Experts Group
347JPGJoint Photographic Expert Group
348JREJava Runtime Engine
349JSPJava Server Page
350JADJava Application Descriptor
351KBKilo Bytes
352KIPSKnowledge Information Processing System
353LSBLeast Significant Byte
354LSBLeast Significant Bit
355LANLocal Area Network
356LASERLight Amplification for Stimulated Emission of Rediation
357LDLaser Diode
358LEDLight Emitting Diode
359LISPLit Processing
360LLLLow Level Language
361LSDLeast Significant Digit
362LSILarge Scale Integration
363MHz Mega Heartz
364MICRMagnetic Inj Character Recognition
365MIDIMusical Instruments Digital Interface
366MIPSMillion Instructions Per Second
367MODEMModulator – Demodulator
368MOPSMillion Operations Per Second
369MOSMetal Oxide Semiconductor
370MP-3MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3
372MSPMost Significant Digit
373MSIMedium Scale Integration
374MTBFMean Time Between Failure
375MTNLMahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited
376M3GMobile 3D Graphics
377M4AMPEG-4 Audio File
378/td>MPEGMoving Picture Experts Group
379MSNMicrosoft Networks
381MIDIMusical Instrument Digital Interface
382BATMicrosoft Batch Processing
383MMXMulti-Media Extensions
384MBRMaster Boot Record
385MUIMultilingual User Interface
386MFDMulti-Function Device
387MVSMultiple Vendor System
388MSDMost significant Digit
389MSBMost Significant Bit
390MOSFETMetal-Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor
391MBSAMicrosoft Baseline Security Analyzer
392MIMOMultiple-Input Multiple Output
393MIPSMillion Instructions Per Second
394MMCMicrosoft Management Console
394MISManagement Information System
396MANMetropolitan Area Network
397MACMedia Access Control
398MTBFMean Time Between Failure
399MIMEMultipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
400MLIMultiple Link Interface
402MPLMozilla Public License
402MNGMultiple-image Network Graphics
403M3GMobile 3D Graphics
405MFAMulti-Factor Authentication
406MMUMemory Management Unit
407MSIMedium Scale Integration
408MS-DOSMicrosoft Disk Operating System
410MTPMedia Transfer Protocol
411MDIMultiple Document Interface
412MBCSMulti Byte Character Set
413MCRMultivariant Curve Resolution
414MTAMail Transfer Agent
415MSDNMicrosoft Developer Network
416MFPMulti-Function Product
417NAPNetwork Access Protection
418NIDNetwork Interface Device
419NICETNational Informatics Center Network
420NIUNetwork Interface Unit
421NTSCNational Television Standards Committee
422NIELITNational Institute of Electronics And Informations Technology
423NTHNokia Theam (Series 40)
424NRTNokia Ringtone
425NUM LOCKNumber Lock
426NTFSNew Technology File System
428NATNetwork Address Translation
429OSIOpen Systems Interconnection
430OMROptical Mark Recognition
431OOPSObject-Oriented Programming System
432OSOperating System
433OCROptical Character Reader
434OOPObject Oriented programming
435PNGPortable Network Graphics
436PPTPowerPoint Presentation
437PALPhase Alternation Line
438PCPersonal Computer
439PCBPrinted Circuit Board
440PCIPeripheral Component Interconnect
441PDAPersonal Digit Assistant
442PMPhase Modulation
443POSTPower On Self Test
444PPMPages Per Minute
445ProLogProgramming in Logic
446PROMProgrammable Read Only Memory
447PSTNPublic Switched Telephone Network
448Prnt ScrnPrint Screen
449PHPHypertext Preprocessor
451Pg DnPage Down
452Pg UpPage Up
453PRPage Rank
454PATAParallel Advanced Technology Attachment
455PDFPortable Document Format
456/td>PCMPulse-Code Modulation
457PLCProgrammable Logic Controller
458PCIPeripheral Component Interconnect
459PKIPublic key Infrastructure
460PSUPower Supply Unit
461PSDPhotoshop Document
462PINGPacket InterNet Groper
463PFAPlease Find Attached
464PANPersonal Area Network
465POPPost Office Protocol
466POSTPower on self-test
467PIOProgrammed Input/Output
469RDFResource Description Framework
470RGBRed, Green, Blue
471RAMRandom Access Memory
472RGBRed, Green, Blue
473ROMRead Only Memory
474RPGReport Program Generator
475RS-232Recommended Standard 2-3-2
476RegEditRegistry Editor
477RDBMSRelation Database Management System
478RISCReduced Instruction Set Computer
479RJ45Registered Jack 45
480RASRemote Access Service
481RPMRed-Hat Package Manager
482RTSReal Time Streaming
483RAIDRedundant Array of Inexpensive Disks
484RAITRedundant Array of Inexpensive Tapes
485RIPRouting Information Protocol
486RMAReturned Materials Authorization
487SCSISmall Computer System Interface
488SEQUELStructured English Guer Language
489SIMMSingle in line Memory Module
490SSISmall Scale Integration
491SVGASuper Video Graphics Array
492SIMSubscriber Identity Module
493Sys RqSystem Request
495SDSecure Digital
496SQLStructural Query Language
497SPService Pack
498ScrLKScroll Lock
499SEOSearch Engine optimisation
500SMSShort Massaging Service
501RTOSReal Time Operating System
502SATASerial Advanced Technology Attachment
503SMPSSwitched-Mode Power Supply
504SAPSystem Application and Products
506SVGASuper Video Graphics Array
507SWFShock Wave Flash
508SHDSLSingle-pair High-speed Digital Subscriber Line
509SVGScalable Vector Graphics
510SONETSynchronous Optical Networking
511SMBIOSSystem Management BIOS
512SNMPSimple Network Management Protocol
513SXGASuper Extended Graphics Array
514SMTPSimple Mail Transfer Protocol
515SISSecurity and Intelligence Services
516SCSISmall Computer System Interface
517SOAService Oriented Architecture
518PALPhase Alternation Line
519VGAVideo Graphics Array
520HSSIHigh-Speed Serial Interface
521SIMMSingle In-Line Memory Module
522SOAPSimple Object Access Protocol
523SISSafety Instrumented System
524SDLSoftware and Documentation Localization
525SDNService Delivery Network
526SBUStandard Build Unit
527SPISerial Peripheral Interface
528TBTera Byte
529TCPTransmission Control Protocol
530TDMTime Division Multiplexing
534/td>TPUTensor Processing Unit
535TDRTime Domain Reflectometer
536TPDUTransaction Protocol Data Unit
538URLUniform Resource Locator
539USBUniversal Serial Bus
540UARTUniversal Asynchronous Receiver-Transmitter
541UPSUninterruptible Power Supply
542ULSIUltra Large-Scale Integration
543UNIVACUniversal Automatic Computer
544UTPUnshielded Twisted Pair-Cable
545URIUniform Resource Identifier
546UDPUser Datagram Protocol
547UVE PromUltra Violet Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
548UMTSUniversal Mobile Telecommunication System
550UACUser Account Control
551VDCVideo Display Controller
552VDIVirtual Desktop Infrastructure
553VOIPVoice Over Internet Protocol
554VPGVirtual Private Gateway
555VLANVirtual Local Area Network
556VXLANVirtual Extensible Local Area Network
557VCRVideo Cassette Recorder
558VIRUSVital Information Resource Under Siege
559VANValue-Added Network
560VPNVirtual Private Network
561VFSVirtual File System
562VGCTVideo Graphics Character Table
563VMVirtual Memory
564VLCVideo LAN Client
565VDUVideo Display Unit
566VPUVisual Processing Unit
567VGAVideo Graphics Array
568VSNLVidesh Sanchar Nigam Limited
569WMVWindows Media Video
570WWANWireless Wide Area Network
571WINSWindows Internet Name Service
572WWWWorld Wide Web
573WMFWindows Metafile
574WBMPWireless BitMap Image
575WMAWindows Media Audio
576WPANWireless Personal Area Network
577WPAWireless Protected Access
578WUXGAWide Ultra Extended Graphics Array
579WAVWav Form Audio
578WMLWireless Markup Language
580WLANWireless Local Area Network
581WANWide Area Network
582WAPWireless Application Protocol
583WLLWireless Local Loop
584WMPWindows Media Player
585WORMWrite One – Read Many
586WiFiWireless Fidelity
587WMVWindows Media Video
588WMPWindows Media Player
589WLNXPWindows XP
590WEPWired Equivalent Privacy
591XMSExtended Memory Specification
592XMFExtensible Music File
593XMLExtensible Markup Language
594XMPPExtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol
595XGAExtended Graphics Array
606.USUnited State
6072GSecond Generation Wireless Networking
6083GThird Technology
6094GFourth Generation of Wireless Mobile Telecommunications Technology
6103GP3 Generation Project

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