Not optimize your image

Now you know what kind of images you have to use in the article and what are the alt tags and why. Now it is equally important for you to optimize the image as much as everything else.
You can optimize your image file in many ways, I have told only about the image size here. The size of your image file should also be kept low. Various tools can be used to reduce the image file size. Try to keep your file size between about 25-50 kb and keep in mind that the quality of the image should not be wasted too much. Before starting with the above you need to learn the proper format to save an image.
I think you have already set it. If not, please read our first post because that’s only what we discuss!

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Through this article we understood and read what are Reliant Images and why they are used. If you still have any suggestion or complaint regarding this article, then you can tell us through comment.

Regarding Image SEO, we have a very popular (and lengthy) article. Covering you all the parts of Image Optimization in this article, How To Image Optimization for SEO discusses many different techniques for optimizing photos. If you are interested in learning more about Image SEO best practices, I suggest reading that post.

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