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ALT and TITLE tags have the drawback of not truly being seen to the reader or visitor. As a reader of your article, I actually don’t hover over the image to see your alternative text, much less open the image in a new tab merely to view the filename. However, search engines adore it. Of course, if I were to save an image, a lovely, evocative filename would brighten my day!

We’ve demonstrated that ALT and TITLE tags, as important they may be for SEO, don’t significantly affect how engaging a website’s content is for visitors.

There is a good possibility that the reader will stick around and read what you have to offer if your captions are interesting. Consider it like this:

  • A brief filename for the image file is TITLE tag.
  • The caption is for the reader, whereas the ALT tag provides a description of the image’s contents.
  • To improve the visitor’s reading experience, it combines the TITLE and ALT tags.

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