A podcast is an online, digitally recorded, episodic collection of spoken words. Unlike web sites, viewers can listen and enjoy these podcast files on any device whenever they want. There are currently over two million podcasts available, and in India alone, there are over 40 million podcast listeners.

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What is Podcasts?

Like talk radio, a podcast is an audio program that you can subscribe to on your smartphone and listen to whenever you want. The creation and distribution of audio files using RSS feeds on users’ computers is known as podcasting. Users can listen to these files on their smartphones or digital music and multimedia players like iPods by uploading them to streaming services. A digital audio file can be easily converted into a podcast.

importance of Podcasts in SEO

Read on to see why you should include podcast transcriptions in your SEO methods toolkit if your aim is to grow your search engine optimization strategies, expand your audience, and increase your overall success. You may be surprised at how you can use podcasts to advance your search engine optimization efforts because they are a collection of audio digital files. It makes sense that SEO prioritizes written content over aural content. So, how do podcasts help improve SEO? This is because the audio files used to create podcasts can be transcribed. Your SEO efforts can be upgraded and the performance of your website, webpages and other content can be enhanced with the transcription of those audio files.

Types of Podcast

Choosing the best podcast format for your company can be challenging. To help you understand, we’ve outlined the various podcasts below so you can start making preliminary plans. Here are some popular podcasts you can start listening to:

  • Conversational podcasts: As co-hosted podcasts, conversational podcasts are equally preferred. They follow the standard radio show format, in which two hosts engage with each other in an interesting or educative way. There needs to be a high level of trust and familiarity between the two hosts for this to work.
  • Interview podcasts: A host engages the guest in conversation during an interview podcast. This can be a fun or informative interview. Podcasts in interview format are great for educating the audience in depth about a certain topic. It usually requires some study and is excellent at introducing individuals to a wide variety of ideas.
  • Monologue podcasts: Podcasts with single hosts, who speak exclusively throughout, are known as monologue podcasts. Viewers or customers tune in to hear the host’s wisdom on a certain topic. This format allows the host to address any topic. To cover a topic in an orderly manner, it is important that the host is an authority on it. To begin with, this format is extremely popular and simple.
  • Storytelling podcasts: A podcast genre that follows a plot is known as storytelling. The host will either research a certain topic or share a chapter or the entirety of a personal experience. Depending on your audience, these can be based on fictional or non-fictional issues. With the aim of inspiring and changing lives, many people use storytelling podcasts to share their stories or excerpts from life. For non-fiction storytelling the host must do the necessary pre-production research.
  • Roundtable podcasts: Roundtable podcasts fall under the umbrella of programs that feature multiple hosts. This style of presentation, also known as a panel show, involves commenting on a certain topic and exchanging ideas. The audience or listeners of the panel show are delighted with the diverse perspectives of the hosts. This format is preferred for comedy shows, news and sports talks as the workload is shared between the hosts and co-hosts.
  • Theatrical podcasts: These days, drama or fiction podcasts are very popular because of their immersive experiences. Such a structure often uses a group of individuals with specified functions. The entire cast of artists as well as sound engineers are often involved in order to provide a smooth and warm experience to the listeners. A single host can often follow this structure as well. However, the host must have the necessary knowledge to recreate that experience through audiobooks without the help of the team.
  • Repurpose podcasts: These days, a lot of corporations and businesses enjoy reusing content. They do this in the form of a podcast that has been modified with the aim of enticing new customers to increase brand recognition and increase engagement. A typical example of such a podcast is a news program. Brands making a lot of videos on social media platforms like YouTube are increasingly using this style. They can easily create a podcast from their postings that contains complete information about their goods or services. This makes it easy to use audio content to target a certain niche and build brand authority.
  • Hybrid podcasts: Hybrid Podcasts simply merges several podcast formats into one. To create your own unique podcast format, you can combine multiple formats. For example, you can start a podcast of monologues and include periodic guest interviews. As an alternative, you can create a completely original form of podcast. There are countless options.

Create your Podcast

When you’re ready to launch your podcast, you can make sure you have the right SEO and marketing plan in place, there are ways you can ensure your SEO plan is in place:

  • You watch the “Top Ten” podcasts in your category, research them, what’s special? What is the gap that you can fill?
  • Create amazing landing pages for your podcast
    For SEO, do keyword research and create an outline for each episode.
  • Find influential people and invite them as guests.
    Search for similar podcasts and there you can find your guest.
  • Share your podcast on social media and provide a link to the podcast from there

Benefits of Podcasts in SEO

We all know that podcasting, when done properly, can be a powerful tool for broadcasting your original content across the Internet. But have you also realized that publishing podcasts regularly also has an impact on SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

We’ll walk you through your understanding of the major SEO benefits of podcasts and discuss how to use them in your stream.

  • Podcasts are engaging
  • Drives traffic on website and boost seo strategy 
  • Podcasts are more effective
  • Podcasts have more visibility for the brand
  • Reach new audience
  • Niche targeting
  • Brand Building

“Google does a great job of providing text and video that are relevant to your search. There’s no clear reason why audio shouldn’t be a first-class citizen in the same way, given all the incredible content podcasters publish every day. It might make it easier than it is now for consumers to find the greatest material for them at the time.”


Content marketing is a great tool to improve your business ranking and leads, moreover, I sincerely hope you realize that it does not require a large marketing budget. On social media, everyone is on an equal footing, and you only need a small audience that is enthusiastic about your work.

Content approaches millions of users every day, so one way to build your own business on social media is through creative content marketing that fosters discussion and sharing.

To practice all areas of SEO, here is complete Guide of Search Engine Optimization with FAQ.


Ans. For any type of SEO, including podcast SEO, it is important to use the proper podcast keywords. Keywords inform Google that your episode is relevant to a user’s search, which increases the chances of it appearing in results. Your podcast can be found in Google’s search results using effective podcast SEO.


  • Start off strong with a title that uses the keyword.
  • Use appropriate keyword placement.
  • Address specific issues in your episode.
  • Use a website to expand your audience.
  • Create, then spread on social media.

Ans. Podcasting is an interesting medium to convey a message. It works to retain the interest of the audience and aid in the ascent of the brand to the target position. If you have a great speaking voice, invest in learning about podcast submissions.

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