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A software program used to do web searches is known as a search engine. They conduct systematic searches of the World Wide Online for specific data that is defined in a text-based web search query. Typically, the search results are displayed as a list of outcomes, also known as search engine results pages.

What is Search Engine? - Satik Information

What is Search Engine?

Internet users can use a search engine to look for content on the World Wide Web (WWW). When a user types a keyword or key phrase into a search engine, the search engine searches the database of data in response to the user’s queries. The search engine provides a list of results that most closely match the user’s search criteria. The Internet is now home to a variety of search engines, each with its own capabilities and features. Google is currently the most widely used and well-known search engine. AOL,, Baidu, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and Yahoo are some of the other well-known search engines.

Search Engine Components

A search engine typically has three fundamental parts, which are stated below:

  • Web Crawlers
  • Database
  • Interfaces for Search

Website crawler: It is sometimes called a bot or a spider. It is a piece of software that searches the internet for data.

Database:  A database contains every piece of information on the internet. There is a tonne of online resources in it.

Interfaces for Search: This element serves as a user-database interface. It makes it easier for the user to search the database.

Architecture of Search Engine? - Satik Information
Architecture of Search Engine


Ans. There isn’t a single search engine that is superior to the rest. There are those who would contend that Google’s search engine is the greatest because it is the most well-known and widely used. People frequently use it as a verb to ask someone to search for their question because it is so well-liked.

Many individuals use Microsoft’s Bing search engine, which is equally well-liked. When it comes to researching topics and providing answers, Bing excels. Bing also powers the Yahoo search engine and the search function in Windows 10.

Users that care about privacy like Duck Duck Go. Users who are concerned about how much data Google and Bing collect on their users should use this search engine because it makes its users anonymous.

Ans. No, not always. Every search engine has a different strategy for locating the information you’re looking for because they all utilize proprietary algorithms to index and correlate data. Its results could be influenced by your location, previous searches, and the favored results of other users who conducted the same search as you. Each search engine gives these varying weights and provides you with various results.

Ans. The three main parts of a search engine that perform this function are the web crawler, the database, and the search interface. The Boolean operators AND, OR, and NOT are used by search engines to limit and expand search results. The steps that the search engine takes are as follows:

  • Instead of searching the phrase directly on the web, search engines first find it in the index for a predefined database.
  • The information is then retrieved using software to search the database. Web crawlers are a piece of software.
  • The search engine then displays the pertinent online pages as a result of the web crawler discovering the pages. These retrieved web pages often include the page title, the amount of material on the page, the first few phrases, etc.

  • These search criteria may change depending on the search engine. The information that is retrieved is rated based on a number of variables, including the frequency of the keywords, the content’s relevance, links, etc.

  • Any search result can be opened by the user by clicking on it.

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