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Social bookmarking is an online tool that lets users add, edit, and share web document bookmarks. Since 1996, there have been many online bookmark management applications developed; Delicious, founded in 2003, is credited with popularising the words “social bookmarking” and “tagged.” Social bookmarking systems with tagging allow users to organise their bookmarks and create folksonomies, or collective vocabularies.

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What is Social Bookmarking?

Saving a certain web page to a social bookmarking site so that you can come back to it later is known as social bookmarking. Users of social bookmarking websites can access their bookmarks online at any time and from any device. Since users can add, annotate and share bookmarked web pages with their team, social bookmarking sites are helpful for marketers.
Bookmarks can be shared with specific groups, made private, or made public. Social bookmarking sites can be used just like social search engines. To view popular and recently added web pages, there are search and browse options. It’s easy to determine which articles are most valuable by taking user comments and voting for the websites you like.

importance of Social Bookmarking for SEO

Social bookmarking is quick and simple, and it not only drives traffic to your website but also gives you a chance to create viral content and get high quality backlinks from official websites.

The top reasons why social bookmarking is still a valuable off-page whitehat SEO practice and how it can help you advance your SEO campaign are listed below.

  • Creates more brand awareness
  • Helps in content promotion
  • Faster indexing by search engine
  • Targeted traffic generation
  • More subscriptions
  • Generate high quality backlinks
  • increase domain authority
  • Build strong social signals
  • Improve keywords ranking in SERPs
  • Boost your page rank

Benefits of Social Bookmarking

People are often encouraged by digital marketing experts for social bookmarking websites because they can add and exchange links to your business or website with well-known websites. Businesses can join this community and set up profiles for themselves.
By sharing your information, digital marketing experts create a favorable online presence for your business and increase your income along with website traffic. A successful social bookmarking strategy can bring thousands of new potential clients to your website.
Additionally, you can focus on this group to generate interest among people who are interested in your category and your content. Here are some additional benefits of social bookmarking:

  • Faster site index: Every website must provide consistent information for search engines. The data helps with site ranking. They collect data by searching the internet for news and updates. Indexing is the process through which Google updates and saves data.

    Google algorithms can quickly find and understand your content with the help of social bookmarking. Search engines find and rank your content faster, even without bookmarks.

  • Build backlinks: A backlink is often generated whenever you view or share your content on a bookmarking website. Achieving a Page One position on search engines largely depends on valid backlinks. Social bookmarking enhances the authority of your domain and ranks any of your content or posts in search engine results pages. It’s easy to have good rankings or relevant industry keywords with high authority.
  • Increase website traffic: Doing a social bookmarking can see a profit or increase in your website traffic. The bookmark you made in the browser can’t accomplish this. However a social bookmark has a direct impact on ranking as well as increasing traffic. But you cannot even say that this is the only way by which we can increase website traffic by ourselves. People often visit your website after viewing a link on a social bookmarking website that features your content. Every month thousands of new visitors can come to the site if the content is interesting.
  • Improve page ranks: Websites are not self-sufficient for social bookmarking. They have a prominent place in search engine results. A page rank of four or above is held by the most popular bookmarking websites.
  • Increase website popularity: Social bookmarking sites are edited by real people and active users, so after you bookmark your website, there will definitely be a slight improvement in the ranking and popularity of the website. The more likes and shares you get, the more exposure you get. The secret is to properly organize your profile and bookmarking campaign, then only you will be able to take advantage of branding.

How to do Social Bookmarking?

There are best practices for the web that provide better results, just like there are for everything else. The following points should be taken into account when using social bookmarking to boost SEO.

  • Choose quality sites or high domain authority websites
  • Always complete your profile on social bookmarking sites
  • Engage your audience
  • Post content regularly
  • Share resources
  • Tag content
  • Build backlinks
  • Promote your mentions
  • Drive traffic to your site


As you can see, you can use social bookmarking to increase your audience and establish authority for your brand on the platform.
And if you want to improve your search visibility on Google, social bookmarking can be an effective way.


Ans. Users of social bookmarking websites can access their bookmarks online at any time and from any device. Since users can add, annotate and share bookmarked web pages with their team, social bookmarking sites are helpful for marketers. Bookmarks can be shared with specific groups, made private, or made public.

Ans. Creating relevant one-way links is safe and easy with social bookmarking. Most bookmarking sites allow following links in your article summary link and have high domain rights. Social bookmarking improves domain authority and index rate.

Ans. These tagged web sites can be viewed from any computer with an internet connection using these links or bookmarks. Each of these bookmarks acts as a backlink, which enhances the SEO of the site.

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