Different types of computer

As we are seeing nowadays that most of the work is being done by the computer, in such a situation it becomes necessary for us to know how many types of computers are there.

About 50 years ago, when the word computer was introduced, the use of computers was mainly used for computing.
For what used to be done, but not today, e-mails, databases, watching audio videos, playing games, creating databases, and many other functions such as in banks, educational institutions, and offices.

types of computer
types of computer

How many types of computer

Computers are of various shapes and sizes. User or any person uses different computers according to the need of his work and according to different tasks, different computers have been developed. For example – a calculator for any big calculation, for ATM money, etc.

Computers are classified into three parts based on shape and size:

Types of computer Based on work

Based on working, the computer is mainly divided into three parts:

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Analog Computer

They are used to measure physical states, by which pressure, temperature, voltage, and speed are measured, which are constantly changing.
Examples of this are Voltmeter and Ammeter.

Digital Computer

These are in contrast to analog computers and these computers use the binary number system, in which data is processed in the form of 0 and 1. In this computer also work can be done like an analog computer, this computer is usually used the most.
Examples of this are desktops, Personal computers, Workstations, tablets, etc.

Hybrid Computer

By this the work of both analog and digital computers can be done, this computer has the functionality of both computers, and this computer is mainly used in scientific calculations, large industries, and defense systems.

Types of computers Based on the purpose

Based on the purpose, the computer is mainly divided into two parts:

General Purpose Computer

Through this computer, we can easily do various tasks in our daily life.
Examples of this are desktops, smartphones, and tablets.

Special Purpose Computer

The category in which these computers have been placed, their work is also the same, that is, in simple words, these computers are used to solve a particular problem, that is why they are called special computers.
They are mainly used in Meteorology, Traffic Control Room systems, Space Science, Satellite Operating systems, etc.

Types of computers Based on the size

Based on the size, the computer is mainly divided into four parts:

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Super Computer

It is the world’s fastest computer which processes data much faster than a normal computer. Its cost is very high, this computer is used in special applications. This computer is the largest.
China’s “TIANHE-2” is the world’s fastest computer that can perform 10 trillion calculations every second.
Examples of this are SUMMIT and TITAN.

Mainframe Computer

Its size is very big which is about 1000sq.ft. can be kept in. It is known for its large size, storage capacity, fast data processing, and security.
Also called ‘Big Iron’, more than 100 people can work on this computer simultaneously.
It is used by large organizations in critical applications, this computer is used by those that require high data processing.
Examples of this are IBMz15 and IBMz14.

Micro Computer

The specialty of this computer is that in place of a CPU, the microprocessor is used, this computer is small, attractive, and cheap, this computer is mainly for personal use. Designed, this computer is smaller than a mainframe and mini-computer, we also know it by the name of PC.
Examples of this are desktops and laptops.

Mini Computer

Its size is between a microcomputer and a mainframe computer, it is also called a ‘mid-range-computer’ because these computers are available at cheap prices.
It is mainly used in business transactions, data management, and file handling.
In this computer ‘Multi-User System’ is used, more than one user can work on this computer simultaneously.
Examples of this are the HP 9000 and PDP-8.

Some other types of computer


Whenever it comes to computers, the picture of the desktop comes first in our mind because it is the most talked-about and used computer. You must have often seen desktops in schools, colleges, cafes, and public service centers.
Some parts are different in it like monitor, keyboard, mouse, sound, etc.


You will all be familiar with them, you can charge and use laptop computers, that is, they are chargeable.
We can take them anywhere with us because their weight is very less, that is, they are portable.


Tablet computers are small in size and very light, you can easily hold them in hand, hence they are also called ‘Handheld Computers’.
It has a ‘Touch Screen’ which is used for typing and navigation.


A server is made up of many computers and is mainly used for exchanging information.


Yes, you read and saw it right, your smartphone is a computer because in it you can do any work like a computer, you can install an app on your smartphone and many tasks like photo editing, video editing, text editing, and browsing can do.


This includes fitness trackers and smartwatches.
In a smartwatch, you get features like a smartphone, that is, you can do many things like a smartphone in a smartwatch.

Game Console

It is also a type of computer which is mainly used to play video games.


Television is also a kind of computer, in which you can now use any software, you can do all the work of computer through it, all these properties of television itself convert it into a smart TV, through it stream video directly from the internet or Live calling can be done.

Conclusion :

Indeed if you’re just entering the pool, it’s good to know about computer classification. Whether you want to be a developer, programmer, or commodity differently entirely, it pays to have an understanding of these bias and their capabilities. What are some other effects people should know about computers?
If you still have any doubt regarding the types of computers, then you can ask us through comment, or add your questions and answers in a comment below! I will try my best to clear your doubt.
Thank you very much for giving your valuable time to our article, if you have any suggestions for us then definitely tell us through comment or contact form.


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