What can we do in our life with a computer?

Nowadays you must have seen a computer in every office, but have you tried to know what you can do with the use of a computer, what work you can do with the use of a computer, If you have tried to know then you have come to the right place, here I have told you about the uses of computer.

Computers are used at home for several purposes like online bill payment, watching filmland or show at home, home training, social media access, playing games, internet access, etc. They give communication through electronic correspondence. They help with avail work from home installation for marketable workers. Computers help the pupil community to avail online educational support.

What can we do in our life with a computer?

Uses of computer


Nowadays, all people mostly use the computer for entertainment, like you like to play games, watch videos, movies, listen to audio, etc from your smartphone.
Whenever you are angry or bored, you always put your hand in your pocket and often take out your smartphone and start entertaining.


The computer is also used for education, education, the computer has now been implemented in almost every field, so we all should have general knowledge of computers like – computer fundamentals, what is a computer?, its Definition, full form, etc.
Nowadays we can read and see complete information about all our subjects through our smartphones, in video, photo, text,t, and audio formats, you get information about your subjects through your smartphone and the internet.
There are many websites, apps, and software made for online study which many people are using today for learning. (Satik information is also for study, you join us)

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The main purpose of using a computer in banks is to keep the data of its customer safe, as not much time is wasted in keeping the records safe on the computer and then searching when needed.


Earlier, most of the computers were used for defense and it is still happening. Computers are used in defense to keep an eye on their neighboring country, to protect their country and to respond to the attack of foreigners and for their soldiers’ data, and security material (ammunition, missiles, etc.).

Science and research

The computer is also used in scientific research, nowadays any instrument is tested in scientific research only by computer, in saving the data of the people working in the research center and The data of all the instruments of the research center is also saved in the computer itself.

Medical Science

In medical science, the use of computers is used to examine the body of a patient and to keep the data safe.
If there was no computer, nowadays many tests (tests) of patients could not be done and the chances of killing the patient would have increased, as well as it would have taken a lot of time to prepare the report after the examination.


Nowadays we are using our computers a lot for communication.
You can talk to a person living anywhere in the country – abroad through your computer (eg – in chatting, video calling, sending mail, sending photos, etc.)

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The computer is also used in business, through a computer you can easily save all the information of your business and you can also get that data whenever needed easily,
You can easily explain about a project to the people associated with your business through the computer.
Nowadays you can do a job sitting at home and you can earn more from your computer.

Rail transport

The use of computers is used in rail transport to give online and offline tickets to passengers and to save the data of the employees working on the platform.
It is also used to monitor its platform and rail in rail transport by computer.

Air Transport

The computer is also used in air transport, airport
But the computer is used to book online and offline tickets for passengers and to protect the airport and passengers.

Weather Department

Nowadays, the computer is being used on a large scale in the Meteorological Department too, information about the coming weather is obtained through the computer, as well as it is also known that how will the coming weather be, whether the sun will come out, water will rain or there will be clouds.
Farmers are also benefited by this, they also know when what kind of weather is to be, as well as our country also benefits a lot from it.

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Conclusion- Uses of Computer

So here we have seen various uses of computer. These are some computer uses as their popularity has increased tremendously and will continue to increase with technological progress. I hope you will find this article helpful.

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