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The phrase Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been used probably a million times by now. However, did you know that adding videos to your website can greatly boost your SEO efforts and bring in more visitors?
If you do not know, then scroll through this guide completely and read it is absolutely free.

Video Marketing in SEO - Satik Information

This is real! A video can make or break your optimization efforts as it is rapidly rising to the top spot in content marketing formats.

Before going into the specifics of how video can increase your organic page ranking, let’s first elaborate on, what is SEO?

What is Video?

Video is an electronic format used for capturing, duplicating, replaying, broadcasting and showing visual material. 

In other words, video refers to an image or film that has been recorded, such as a home video of someone’s wedding at your location or a video used by a television station to produce a news report. A video is a movie that you watch on your computer or television.

What is Video Marketing?

Everything from building customer relationships to advertising your brand, services or products can be done with video marketing. Additionally, video marketing can be used as a platform to distribute viral (entertaining) content, advertise customer testimonials, present how-tos, and live-stream events.

  • In a world when online information is plentiful, video marketing is an emotionally engaging way to interact with businesses and capture the attention of consumers.

  • Strategic video marketing takes into account your business objectives and metrics as well as the position of your customers in the sales funnel. It is important to decide where and in what context the videos will appear if you want to effectively target your audience.

  • Improved video personalization, audience targeting and user experience will result in growth in dynamic video and brand-direct collaboration.

Why video marketing important for business

According to the Survey of Wyzowl:

  • 86% of companies that use video marketing feel that it has a positive return on investment.
  • 92% of companies believe it improves customers’ understanding of their goods or services.
  • 70% of companies feel that this has increased the conversion rate of their website.

Is it worthwhile to think of using videos to promote your business? Do you have the necessary means to produce and use video content for marketing purposes?

The original response is: Yes, it is meaningful. Not just because it is popular, but also because videos are one of the most favorable and successful digital marketing strategies available. Videos are being used more and more by small businesses like yours to successfully attract, convert, and retain new clients. Here video marketing is due to starting the use.

  • Video increases conversion and sales: Your landing page’s conversion rate can rise by 80% if you include a product video. Additionally, the Treepodia team has ensured that video functions properly independent of the category in which it is deployed. The video can also result in immediate sales. According to studies, 74% of people watching an interpreter video about a product or service went to buy it. So you would be better to work on your complicated product video better!
  • Video displays a high ROI: 83% of firms claim that video offers a strong return on investment, which you should thrill even more. Currently, despite not having the simplest or cheapest core, making videos makes a lot of payment. Additionally, internet video editing programs are getting better and more economical at all times. And you can already make some very good videos on your smartphone.
  • Video Increases Trust:

    Conversions and sales are built on the foundation of the trust. But the installation of the trust should be a stand-alone purpose. The foundation of content marketing is building long -lasting relationships and trust. Stop marketing and invite people by giving them informative and attractive materials. Mark Shefer, Executive Director of Schaefer Marketing Solutions, kept it in a better way: “It is necessary for the new era that you pay attention to the ignition instead of the material only, trust only instead of traffic, and your audience’s elite members who are sharing and promoting your content.”

  • Google also likes videos: You can prolong the period that the visitor stays on your website by adding videos. Long -term exposure increases reliability and informs the search engine that the material on your site is solid. Moovly offers this huge data: If you have a video embedded on your website, you have 53 times more likely to be first in Google discoveries. The effect of the video on your search engine rankings has increased considerably since Google acquired YouTube.
  • Video appeal to mobile users: Mobile and videos are inseparable. 90% of people use their mobile device to watch videos. Since the 2013 Q3, the ideas of mobile videos have increased by more than 233 percent. According to YouTube, the annual increase in consumption of mobile videos is 100%. Because more people are using smartphones and because people want to watch videos, your videos are only expanding.
  • Videos Promote Social Sharing: New features of social media platforms also promote video content. Facebook has introduced lifestyle, 3600 videos and live videos (a video-centered app for adolescents). Twitter has periscope, while Instagram offers 60-second videos and Instagram stories. The second most commonly used social network worldwide is Youtube.

    But in a social media setting, video markets should keep in mind that consumers share emotions, not information. 76% of respondents claim that if a branded video was interesting, they will share it with their friends. So make attractive and fun videos to promote social sharing. While social shares can promote traffic on your website, emotions are not properly returns on investment.

Benefits of video marketing

Making online video marketing a part of your digital strategy has many more benefits than being a rich, visual medium.

Simply put, the data presents a compelling narrative. These video marketing statistics clearly show why this medium is being used by so many businesses in a variety of B2B and B2C sectors, and why video marketing should be part of your company strategy as well.

  • Increase revenue
  • Rank higher in SERP
  • They are growing in popularity across platforms.
  • Increase traffic
  • Video can help improve SEO
  • Get more Backlinks
  • Users stay on pages longer when there is video.
  • Video sharing is easy.

Some easy ways to seo for your video

The first step is only to upload your video on platforms like YouTube or Vimeo. Don’t forget to provide proper data in the backand so that the search engine crawler can classify and rank your video.

YouTube creates your rating using different types of data, including:

  • Title, tag, description
  • Audience satisfaction
  • Details keyword in tag
  • tag
  • Video period
  • Number of customers after seeing
  • Likes and dislikes


Video advertising is becoming more common and accessible. The use of video is increasing partly because of technological advancements, but also because it is easier to broadcast around the world. Creating effective marketing videos for your company requires imagination and understanding of human psychology. These elements together allow the production of real advertising wonders at a low cost.

In a matter of days, clever, emotionally driven video ads can go viral online and garner millions of views. Only the creative survives, and that is the whole goal of video marketing!

To practice all areas of SEO, here is complete Guide of Search Engine Optimization with FAQ.


Ans. Video is very suitable for all types of businesses. Since the development of television, video has become an important component of the digital marketing toolkit. Due to technological advancements organizations in any field will be able to create content for their audiences.

Ans. Although written content is the main focus of search engine optimization (SEO), videos can still be beneficial to your search rankings. Search and video views are inextricably linked; Someone who watches your video is more likely to see your business online. It follows naturally. Even though it’s a broad, upper-funnel awareness asset, a viral video ad can generate huge search spikes that improve search volume and your confidence.

Ans. The art of targeting audiences will continue to advance, becoming even more important to a video marketing strategy. Due to legal changes that take effect in early 2022, the era of cookie-based advertising, which allowed marketers to purchase anonymous cookies from people who met certain criteria, is set to end. Instead, in order to share the data set and target audience on particular platforms, marketers will need to make direct agreements. By far, the most effective way to make sure you’re targeting the proper audience is to understand what messages will resonate with them, and to avoid wasting your advertising budget.

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