What is computer software?

To make a computer or any system device run or work, some auxiliary devices and programs are needed, one of them is software which is used to perform any task on the computer. To do or make a computer work.

what is computer software?

Software is that set of instructions and programs that gives orders to a computer system or device to perform tasks, instructs the computer’s hardware, and gives commands, here Even the software controls the computer completely.
You cannot touch or touch the software, you can feel it, see and work on it.
Software is like a human soul in a computer or device, without software the laptop, the device is just a child’s toy.
Imagine if you did not have a web browser, photo, video editor, or viewer, would you be able to find any website on your computer or smartphone, would you be able to give DSLR-like quality to your normal photo, you have to say so much. One can only imagine the importance of software.

Definition of computer software

Software is the interface between the user and the hardware.
“Software is a set of instructions to perform a task i.e. software gives commands to both the user and the system to perform a task.”
Simply stated that

“The software gives the data inputted by the user to the system and the result given by the system to the user as output.”

Types of software in computer

We use our computer system for many tasks and all the tasks cannot be completed by the same software, that is why many software have been created according to the tasks and their needs. All these software are divided into two parts according to the convenience of study in computer science, which are as follows:

  1. System software
  2. Application software
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types of computer software

System software

When we turn on our computer, while the computer is on, we see a logo on the monitor or screen of your computer, which is the logo of the operating system in your computer. An operating system is system software. (System Software) which runs when the computer is on. System software acts as an interface or medium between the computer hardware and the user.

“The software that provides the ability of a computer to work or makes a computer work is called system software.”

System software is classified into two parts:

  1. System Management Programs
  2. Developing Software

Application software

Often you must have used different software or application {App}  to perform different tasks, we also know application software by the name of the app.

“The software that is used to perform a task is called application software.

Application software is classified into two parts:

  1. General Purpose Software
  2. Specific Purpose Software

The parts of system software and application software are classified as follows:

System management program

It is system software. The program or software gives the input data or instructions given by you to the computer hardware and instructs the computer to perform work or processing. and provides the obtained output in the form of results or information. Or simply put, the system management program acts as a medium or interface between the user and the computer.
There are different types of system management programs:

Developing software

It is system software. These are programs or software that are used by developers, website designers, and software engineers. They are used for the study.
There are different types of developing software:

  • Linker
  • Loader
  • Programming language

General-purpose software

It is application software. This is where it is used to perform common tasks called General Purpose Software.
Examples of these are as follows:

  • MS Word
  • MS PowerPoint
  • tally

Specific purpose software

It is application software. The software that is used to perform a specific task is called specific purpose software.
Examples of these are as follows:

  • Library Management Software
  • hotel management program

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