What is Keyboard?

A keyboard is an input device by which finger-sized buttons called keys are used to enter or manipulate data (text or numbers) on a computer or other device. The keys on a keyboard act as switches, just like in a typewriter, keyboard keys can also be used to perform complex operations on a computer or any other electronic device.

What is a keyboard in a computer?

What is Keyboard?

The keyboard is one of the most used online input devices. With its help, we give instructions to the computer. The main use of keyboards is used to write text.

On the computer keyboards, all the buttons are engraved or all the buttons remain raised, on presseth, the same letter, symbol, and number are typed which is engraved or written on that button, by pressing some buttons. Special computer commands are also activated and executed or operated.
For example, the English letter “A” is engraved on a keyboard’s button. When you press this button in a text editor program, “a” will be typed. But, when you press this same button along with the Ctrl Button (another keyboard button), all the text you type gets selected computer user’s keyboards can also be used as a mouse. It is also a multifunctional device, which not only can write but also play vitaltant role in controlling the computer.

Types of Keyboard Layouts

The special arrangement of keys on a keyboard is called the keyboard’s layout. The keyboard’s layout determines the design, size, and type of the keyboard.
There are various layouts of computer keyboards available today. Different countries of the world have developed keyboard layouts according to their language and script.
We can divide all these keyboard layouts into three categories:

  • QWERTY Keyboard Layout
  • Non-QWERTY Keyboard Layout

QWERTY Keyboard Layout

This is the most popular and used keyboard layout. It has been adopted worldwide and the same layout is used in modern computer keyboards.
Some other keyboard layouts based on QWERTY Layout:

Non-QWERTY Keyboard Layout

Keyboards in which the QWERTY layout is not used for the layout of the keys are called Non-QWERTY Keyboards. Some Non-QWERTY Keyboard Layouts.

All Keyboard Keys Name and Uses

The ‘QWERTY’ out is by far the most popular and adopted worldwide pattern. And in this article also we have told how to use this type of keyboard.

Keys in Computer Keyboard

Come, know how many buttons are there on the keyboard? What is the name, type, and, use of all the buttons?
Computer Keyboard Charts in Hindi

A Normal Keyboard

There are a total 104 of keys in a normal computer keyboard. And their number also depends on the keyboard many manufacturer operating systems, so in simple words, we can say that there are about 100 keys (±) in a QWERTY keyboard.

Each key present in computer keyboards has its function based on function, they are divided into the following six categories, which are described as follows –

  • Function Keys
  • Typing Keys
  • Control Keys
  • Navigation Keys
  • Indicator Lights
  • Numeric Keypad

Function Keys

Function keys are at the top of the keyboards, they are written on the keyboard from F1 to F12. Function keys are used to perform a particular task, they have a different function in each program or software.
which are as follows:

  • F1
  • F2
  • F3
  • F4
  • F5
  • F6
  • F7
  • F8
  • F9
  • F10
  • F11
  • F12

Typing Keys

Typing keys are usually used the most in computer keyboards, typing keys include both types of keys (alphabet and numbers), they are collectively called alphanumeric keys. Typing keys also include all kinds of symbols and punctuation marks.
When you learn computer typing, then you are first trained in these keys, therefore, you should be well aware of these keys.
We have given more information about typing keys below. So, do give it a look.

Control Keys

Control keys are used alone or in combination with other keys to perform a certain task. In normal keyboards, most of the Ctrl key, Alt key, Window key, and Stand c key are used as control keys. Apart from these, keys like Methe nu key, Scroll key, Pause Break key, PrtScr key, etc. are also included in the control keys.

Navigation Keys

Navigation keys include Arrow keys, Home, End, Insert, Page Up, Delete, Page Down, etc. They are used to move up and down in a document, webpage e, etc.

Indicator Lights

Computer Keyboards have three types of indicator lights, Num Lock, Scroll Lock, and Caps Lock.
When the first light on the keyboard is lit, it means that the numeric keypad is on, and if it is off, it means that the numeric keypad is turned off.
Second, the light tells us about the uppercase and lowercase others. When it is turned off, the letter is in lowercase, and when it is turned on, the letter is in uppercase.
The third, wh is known as Scroll Lock. It prompts us about scrolling.

Numeric Keypad

We can also call them calculator keys because a keypad has almost the same number of keys as a calculator. They are used to write numbers, it is found on the right side of the computer keyboards, it has 17 keys.

Some Main Typing Keys and Their Uses

Tab Key

the tabs are used to space multiple letters at once. Apart from this, it also has many uses. The tabs are also used in some keyboard shortcuts. The Tab key is the only one on a computer keyboard, which is located on the left side of the keyboard.

Caps Lock Button

The caps lock button is used to write all letters in uppercase, when Caps Lock is on (ON) then all letters will be written in uppercase A, and when it is OFF, it is written in lowercase.

  • Uppercase Letters – A, B, C, D…
  • Lowercase Letters – a, b, c, d…

Shift Keys

Shift Keys are used to writing in uppercase, apart from this, the Shift Keys are also used to type the upper part of a button.
Shift Button (Shift Keys) There are two in the computer, one is the left shift button and the other is the right shift key. When the capital letter is to be typed with the left hand, then the right shift button Press and press Lethe ft Shift Key to type capital letters with the right hand.


The spacebar is the largest key on the keyboards, it is used to move the cursor forward one space.

Enter Key

Enter key is an important key, it is used to start the next line, when the Enter key is pressed, the cursor moves to the beginning of the next line, Enter Key ‘OK’ it also works as a button.


The Backspace key is used to delete the selected text in front of the cursor. Along with this, its function changes in different software or programs.

Some main control Keys and their uses

Esc Key

The Esc key is used to cancel a currently running task. The full name of Esc Key is Escape Key.

Ctrl Key

The full name of CtrlKey is Control Key. It is used in keyboard shortcuts.

Alt Key

The full name of Alt Key is Alter Key, it is also used in keyboard shortcuts.

Windows Logo Key

This button is used to open the Start Menu.

Menu Key

Menu Key works in the same way as Rithe right Click of the mouse. It opens the options related to a selected program.

PrtScr Key

This key is used to take the image of the computer screen.

Use of Navigation Keys

Arrow Keys

Arrow Keys are four – Up Arrow, Down Arrow, Left Arrow, and Right Arrow. They are used to move the cursor and the webpage in the direction of Arrows.

Home Key

Home Key is used to bring the cursor to the beginning of a document. With the help of this, a webpage and document can be started right away.

End Key

End Key is used to bring the cursor to the end of a document. With the help of this, a webpage and document can go down at once.

Insert Key

The insert key is used to turn the Insert mode on and off.

Delete Key

The Delete Key is used to delete the text after the cursor, the selected text and files, and folders.

Page Up Key

The Page Up Key is used to move the cursor and a page up a bit.

Page Down Key

Page Down Key is used to move the cursor and a page down a bit.

Using Numeric Keypad

The Numeric Keypad is located on the right side of the keyboard. It contains numbers from 0 to 9. Along with this, there are also mathematical symbols – addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, and decimal signs.

Numeric Keypad is used to write numbers, these numbers are also elsewhere on the keyboard, but they can be written quickly with Numeric Keypad, apart from Numeric Keypad ( Numeric Keypad) can also be used as a Navigation key, Num Lock must be On to use the Numeric Keypad.

How to connect Keyboard to Computer?

Step #1 Turn off the power connection.

First of all, turn off the switch (OFF) of the electricity going to the computer, we will not advise doing this work when the power is on. If you cannot, then get this work done by a knowledgeable person in the house.
Do not ignore it, keep in mind that your life is a question.

Step #2 Check Keyboard Connector.

After that check the type of keyboard connector. This connector is a wire with one end attached to the keyboard and the other end sticking out.
You have to see the end of the outside end.
If the end of the keyboard is round then it is the PS2 port and if it is a square rectangle then it is the USB port connector. See the figure below for help, you will understand.
A keyboard with a USB connector connects to a USB port on the cabinet, and a keyboard with a PS2 port will connect to the PS2 port.

Step #3 Find the appropriate connector in the cabinet

After this, find the appropriate connector in the computer cabinet, to find it, turn the back of the cabinet towards you and locate the port.

Step #4 Connect the keyboard to the computer connector.

First, hold the keyboard cable in the right hand, then insert the keyboard connector into the appropriate cabinet port. Be careful not to apply too much force when connecting.

Step #5 Check by turning on the computer.

When the keyboard is connected, turn on the computer and check whether the keyboard is connected correctly by pressing the keyboard key.
Buttons will work when connected, and buttons won’t work if they are not.

History of Computer

The history of computer keyboards is not very old, but its ancestor is the typewriter. Simply put, the computer keyboard was designed by looking at the typewriter itself. Therefore, the keyboard can also be considered as old as the typewriter.
The modern computer keyboard was invented by Christopher Latham Sholes in 1868, as he received the patent for the modern typewriter this day.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

The computer keyboard is a major input device. Which is used for giving instructions and typing to the computer. On the keyboard, buttons (keys) are engraved above it, on pressing which letters, symbols, and special commands are executed.

A standard computer keyboard has a total of 104 keys. But, this number can be more or less depending on the keyboard maker, keyboard type, and keyboard device. In conclusion, we can say that this number (±) is around 100 buttons.

Generally, there are two types of computer keyboards. One QWERTY Keyboard and another Non-QWERTY Keyboard, we have already told more information about the above, you read it.

The Honorable Christopher Latham Sholes, an American newspaper publisher, invented the QWERTY keyboard. He was also instrumental in making the world’s first typewriter.

The principal use of a keyboard is as an input device. A person can type a document, use keystroke shortcuts, access menus, play games, and complete a number of other tasks with a keyboard.

“Keys Electronic Yet Board Operating A to Z Response Directly” is the definition or full form of the word “KEYBOARD.”


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