If your content does not meet the requirements listed below, do not post it as it may be removed without warning. Please review the guidelines below before contributing any content:

  • Do not contain any gambling, adult, or other mature content, nor do they contain any drugs.
  • Spam, fake offers, free money, no scripts, and content or URLs from other counterfeit sites.
  • Any material protected by copyright, such as images, movies, or audio.
  • The content title contains garbage data or is longer than 100 characters or less than 30 characters.
  • Content must be longer than 500 characters.
  • Content with an excessive amount of uploaded, repetitive, targeted, disapproved, or non-English content.
  • Promises to see but fail to deliver, driving visitors off the page.
  • Content that links to or advertises to Subscriber gaming websites or services or has visual representations of third parties.
  • Making multiple comments that are similar, specific, or repeated.
    Information is meant to confuse participants about when, how, or whether they are eligible to take part in the census.
  • By using post names, thumbnails, descriptions, or tags to mislead readers into thinking that the content is something they are not.
  • It is technically modified or tampered with content that misleads viewers (beyond screenshots taken out of context) and may cause substantial harm.
  • Materials for cash gifts, pyramid schemes, or “get rich quick” schemes (sending money without a tangible product in a pyramid structure).
  • Receives views, clicks, or traffic from this site by assuring visitors that they will soon become wealthy.
  • Directs people to sites that spread malware, attempt to collect personal information, or have other undesirable effects.
    Information intended to mislead voters as to the date, place, method, or pre-requisites of voting.
  • Information that makes exaggerated claims about the technical prerequisites for continuing in office as current political contenders and elected public officials. Age, citizenship, and vital status are just a few examples of eligibility criteria that must be met by any applicable national law.
  • Content with engagement statistics such as views, likes, comments, or any other metric sold on this website. This also applies to content whose main goal is to increase views, subscribers, or other metrics (such as requests to subscribe to another creator’s channel in exchange for content referred to as “sub4sub” content). Also known as signing up for.
  • Comments that have a clear intention to collect user information, deceive site visitors or engage in any of the prohibited activities listed above.
  • The live stream is used to broadcast content that is someone else’s property and has not been changed despite numerous warnings of potential abuse. The channel owner should be actively watching the live stream, and any potential problems should be fixed.
  • This policy applies to any content used on this site, including posts, usernames, meta, tags, and comments. Accept that this is not an exhaustive list.

Policy Violation Actions:

  • If any of the above policies are violated, account and user data will be destroyed.
  • A complaint regarding a violation of this policy may be viewed as a breach of the Code of Conduct, in which case it is forwarded for the review board’s consideration.
  • If you believe that you have not expressly consented to receive confirmation emails from us at your email address or if you have received spam from our site, please contact us to make the appropriate changes.
  • If you violate any of the rules, you may face legal consequences and your account may be terminated without warning.
  • Please let us know your username, post title, description, and tags if you believe your original content has been inadvertently removed or is not available so that we can remedy the situation.