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Adjustable Bed Frames

50% off adjustable bases.

Set yourself up for your best rest with customizable features to cater to your individual sleep needs.

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Adjustable Base
Make yourself comfortable.
50% OFF
Adjustable Base
  • Full-body adjustability for extra comfort
  • Zero Gravity position
  • Time-saving presets save all your favorite positions
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From Price: $795 Sale Price: $397.50
Adjustable Base Pro
Find your sweet spot.
50% OFF
Adjustable Base Pro
  • Offers flexibility to cater to all your sleep needs
  • Zero Gravity and Anti-Snore positions
  • USB ports make it easy to stay connected
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From Price: $995 Sale Price: $497.50
Adjustable Base Max
Your one-of-a-kind sleep setup.
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Adjustable Base Max
  • Full suite of customizable positions
  • Zero Gravity and Anti-Snore postions
  • Wall-aligning technology keeps everything within in reach
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From Price: $1,695 Sale Price: $847.50
Adjustable Bases

Adjustable Bases

Whether you’re hoping for a silent, snore-free sleep or a better work-from-home setup, your new bed can be adjusted to the position you need for maximum comfort.

Sharing the bed?

The split king adjustable bed frames support 2 Twin XL mattresses for a split sleep setup with 2 remotes.

Frequently Asked

The adjustable bases are designed with features to help elevate your quality of sleep. The Anti-Snore position elevates your head and chest to help reduce pressure on your airway — a common cause for snoring and sleep apnea. Other positions like Zero Gravity promote muscle recuperation to relieve stress on your body for balanced comfort. Adjustable bed frames even come in a Split King option, so you and your partner can sleep just the way you like it.

The best adjustable base for you will be the one that best caters to your sleep needs. However, based on our research, we’ve identified some of the most important elements for any adjustable bed to have:

  • Full-body adjustability by separately moving the foot and head of the bed
  • Wireless control capabilities
  • Compatibility with comfortable mattresses
  • Supportive preset positions that help you sleep better
  • A trial period to test out the unique feeling of an adjustable bed

You’ll also want to factor in any special bonus features, the price, assembly, and shipping options to find the right match for you.

The Adjustable Bases come with detailed instructions in the box and can be assembled in about twenty minutes. That said, they are solid, heavy products, so we’d strongly recommend choosing our in-home setup option during checkout or grabbing a friend to help you with the heavy lifting.

The Adjustable Base, Adjustable Base Pro, and Adjustable Base Max are compatible with Casper Repose and Casper Haven bed frames. Customers should check their bed frame's dimensions and weight capacities for use with a non-Casper bed frame.

The Adjustable Base Max features an innovative design that enables the head section to move independently when inclined — so no matter what angle you choose, this section is always the same distance from the wall and you're always able to easily access your nightstand.

Yes. If you have a split king and you want each side to operate independently, you will need to purchase two Twin XL mattresses. Our King adjustable base comes standard as a Split King, so you only need to purchase one frame. Frames can also be synced so they move together.

You don’t need special sheets for an adjustable frame, but you will want to use fitted sheets with a higher quality elastic that conforms to the mattress, rather than shifting and bunching up, as you adjust your bed. We recommend our Percale SheetsSateen Sheets or Hyperlite Sheets to complement our adjustable bed model.

However, if you opt for our Split King Adjustable Bed option, you will need to get two sets of twin sheets, one for each side of the bed.

Yes, the protection plan is available for the Adjustable Base, Adjustable Base Pro, and Adjustable Base Max. The Adjustable Protection Plan covers failed welds, mechanism failures, and electrical failures.

Yes! Casper offers the Rise Headboard Bracket for this purpose, allowing you to customize your bed frame to fit your home decor needs.

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